One of the questions I get asked most about Little Look projects is – “where is that amazing spot wallpaper from?”. Well, it’s not wallpaper at all and after all the questions, I thought I’d share this little secret with you; they’re wall decals – or stickers.  Wall decals are available in a huge range of styles and colours now and if you get creative, the look you can achieve without the expense or commitment of purchasing and hanging wallpaper is amazing.

wall decals - spotted changing station


wall decals - spotted wall

The trick is the technique needed for configuring them evenly on your wall. If you’re a neat-freak like me, you’ll like an orderly look and we’ve come up with a fool proof way of laying out decals; here’s the secret…

wall decals - pastel nursery

Firstly, decide how far apart you’d like your spots or shapes, the closer they are the more full and ‘busy’ the wall will look and further apart they’ll look more airy. Once you have the desired diagonal distance, mark this on a spirit level with some masking tape. You can then use the diagonal level indicator (top right bubble in the photo) to space your decals at the right angle and your measurement marker to ensure they are spaced evenly apart. Voila!



Of course you can also have lots of fun laying them out randomly too and create beautiful confetti or star burst effects. Here’s a little decalspiration…







Photo credits: Pinterest