Thicket & Thimble Heirloom Woodland Dolls

Posted by on Jun 8, 2016 in General

Thicket & Thimble woodland dolls is a project that’s has been forming in my mind for a long time, even before motherhood. I’ve been working on my designs for a while now and I’m thrilled to share them with my Little Look readers.


Thicket & Thimble – Hand Knit Angora Cape, Feather & Paillette Fenella Fawn – £95

I was inspired by memories of my grandmother, the creativity she passed down to me and the incredible talent she had with a needle and thread, so I borrowed a sewing machine and taught myself to sew.


Thicket & Thimble – Hand Dip-dye & ‘Lost Girl’ Headband Hebe Hare – £95

Crafting my endearing little characters has been a hugely fulfilling creative process – new ideas are forming in my mind constantly and it’s a joy bringing them to life and a dream come true knowing they bring happiness to others.

I’m still learning and evolving; seeing the individuality of each doll come alive as it’s made is a joyful process and allows me to continue finding inspiration in nature, travel and fashion.


Thicket & Thimble – Cashmere & Organdie Hebe Hare – £95

Each thicket & thimble doll is made entirely by hand in my home, using noble and hand-dyed fibres and every doll is a limited edition design.


Thicket & Thimble – Glitter & Grey Fenella Fawn – £95


Thicket & Thimble – Polka, Hand-Knit Angora & PomPom Hebe Hare – £95


Thicket & Thimble – Hand Knit Angora Cape, Feather & Paillette Fenella Fawn – £95

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